Requirements for permanently installed Powered
Platforms (dedicated to building)
Powered Platform Installations, 1910.66 -
Existing Installations 1910.66 App D -
For buildings constructed between August 27,
1971, and no later than July 23, 1990
An installation which has permanent davit
arms and davit bases, but does not have a
powered platform; a rental stage is brought in
for maintenance.
OSHA Interpretation: 09/04/1996 -
Powered platforms: Suspension height limits
for transportable outriggers
OSHA Interpretation: 10/01/1998 -
Safety requirements for scaffolding.1910.28 -
Article 5, Window Cleaning
Article 6. Powered Platforms and Equipment for Building Maintenance
California requirements for maintenance inspections of suspended platform
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Requirements for temporary suspended
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